Persian Calligraphy, Nastaliq Script: Persian Days

Names of Ancient Persian Days

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In ancient Persia, everyday of the months had a name:
 1st day: Ourmazd 16th day: Mehr
 2nd day: Bahman 17th day: Soroush
 3rd day: Ordibehesht 18th day: Rashan
 4th day: Shahrivar 19th day: Farvardin
 5th day: Sepandar-maz 20th day: Varahram
 6th day: Khourdad 21st day: Ram
 7th day: Amordad 22nd day: Bad
 8th day: Dey-be-Azar 23rd day: Dei-be-Din
 9th day: Azar 24th day: Din
10th day: Aban 25th day: ArdAshi
11th day: Khir (Khour) 26th day: Eshtad
12th day: Mah 27th day: Aseman
13th day: Tir 28th day: Zamiad
14th day: Goush 29th day: Mantreh-Sepand
15th day: Dey-be-Mehr 30th day: Anaram
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