Elturan Avalov


Elturan Avalov belongs to the generation of creative personalities, who has been active in architectural-artistic life of the republic since mid-1960s, as black-and-white artist. Member of Architects' Union of USSR Candidate of Architecture, Elturan Vali Ogly Avalov (born in 1940) is senior research associate at Institute of Architecture and Arts of Academy of Science of Azerbaijan SSR.

He has about 40 scientific publications devoted to history of architecture of Azerbaijan to his credit. Elturan works, in most public manner, reflect the modern trends of science and art, as they have been conceived at the boundary of three sources, architecture, painting and music.

The synthetic art of the master lives upon the wealth of national material, national character, inimitable patterns of his land and the works of the best representatives of its culture, thus making up the power of the talent and artistic attraction of Avalov's works, i.e. the unity of the present day interpretation and deeply rooted national material.

Elturan Avalov, being architect by profession, his precision of compositional solutions, clarity of thought, logicality of drawing, completeness of the artistic conception could be easily comprehended. His musical gift adds lyricism and dynamics to the objects represented, so his characters are perceived not only according to the color and design, but also to the sound, thus building up certain mood and associations.

Elturan's artistic talent enables him to breath new life, to impart unique features peculiar to the artist, to long-and-well-known characters by Uzeir Hajibeyov, as well as to his contemporaries.

The artist has succeeded in presenting traditional mode of life, nature and historical places of Azerbaijan in a novel, fresh manner of his own. He has very peculiar vision of the world, his own original path of creative solutions, original attitude to nature and world events. His ever-developing original quest for individual attitude to the world is based upon love of man, his history, culture and land.

The artist ability to convey motion, flight to thought, state of the soul, joy of life and avoiding the grotesque is amazingly fascinating. Artist gives the detailed presentation of the world around him, with full analysis of essence of the object. He is equally at ease in portraying instantaneous states and stable, permanent world of human relations and passions.






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