Mehr Caravansary
Mohammad Yusef Kiani
Reprinted from: Traditions Architecturales en Iran, Tehran, No. 2 and 3, 1976

Some 50 Km east of Sabzevar, there is another beautiful caravansary, which is erected at the time of Shah Abbas II and during the latter part of Qajar period, and most of the structure was repaired by the clergy of Sabzevar.

This monument is oblong in shape and it measures 66.50x78.50 Sq. m. It is built on 4-verandas plan. The courtyard is 39x43 m, and there are 28 chambers, 2.55x3.25 m, situated around it. The vestibule of the building is octagonal and on either side there are 2 symmetrical oblong rooms.

The most important part of the caravansary is the north veranda, which is situated opposite the entrance hall. This veranda is 4x4.55 m, and beyond it is a beautiful octagonal courtyard, like that of the entrance hall, around which are located 3 square and oblong rooms, in symmetrical form.

There are 2 long stables, which can be reached from the four corners of the courtyard. There was an inscription on the caravansary before, which stated that this caravansary is erected at 1664, by Hajj Moin Isfahani.

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