Miami Caravansary
Mohammad Yusef Kiani
Reprinted from: Traditions Architecturales en Iran, Tehran, No. 2 and 3, 1976

It is located 70 Km East of Shahroud, on the main Meshed road and it is too similar to Natanz Safavid caravansary. It is oblong in shape, 70x75 Sq. m and it is built on 4-verdanas plan.

There is a portal entrance in the southern wall, with towers and 7 arched niches on either side of the entrance. The vaulted main entrance portal leads into a domed vestibule, which in turn opens into the shallow veranda. The upper part of the portal entrance has 2 chambers, matched symmetrically on the opposite side. The enclosing walls of the Caravansary have 7 towers, one at each corner, and one in each of the walls, except that of the gateway.

The interior consists of an open courtyard, 37.50x29.50 m, with 18 chambers, each 3.30x3.80m, and stables. The main verandas of the Caravansary are rather large, 5x6.20 m.

The main veranda of the north side is 2 stories high and incorporated into the north tower. The second story was used as the prayer room and measures 8.50x6.50 m. There is a domed stable at each of the four corners of the Caravansary>

The inscription over the entrance, is Thulth script, states that the Caravansary was built by Amir Divan, at the time of Shah Abbas II, 1653.

Robat Sepanj
A caravansary, called “Robat Sepanj” is located 50 Km North of Miami, and is erected in Il-Khanid era.

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