Gousheh Caravansary
Mohammad Yusef Kiani
Reprinted from: Traditions Architecturales en Iran, Tehran, No. 2 and 3, 1976

Qousheh Caravansary
It is located at Qousheh, 80 Km east of Semnan and 40 Km east of Ahovan, square, 52x52 Sq. m. The building appears to be oblong from the exterior, but its interior is actually octagonal, 18.5x18.5 m, and it is adapted to the 4-verandas design. Verandas are rather wide, 5.50x3.65 m.

The exterior consists of a portal entrance, towers and arched niches. The portal entrance is to the east. On the opposite, it is a cistern, which was built at the same time as the caravansary.

There are 7 towers in the enclosure walls. In the middle of the vestibule, it is located a vault, from which 4 passages lead out to the 4 sides of the caravansary. There are 14 small chambers, 2.75x3.4 m, situated around the courtyard for travelers. On the southwest and southeastern sides are 2 larger chambers, 3.90x4.50 m, which were probably for special guests.

The building materials were brick and plaster. Qousheh Caravansary was repaired by a wealthy merchant in Qajar period.

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