Yard in Architecture of the Schools

Each architectural space is built under influence of various factors, such as:

1- Geometrical and climatic factors
2- Materials and technique of construction
3- Operations and special elements
4- Traditions and cultural values
5- Creative power and sense of innovation of architect

These factors have not equal share in creating an architectural work, but all conditions creating an architectural work, indicate the role of each factor.

Any architecture space, such as space of schools, must provide adequate conditions for human requirements against climatic geographic particularities, therefore, all architecture spaces located in dry and hot regions are created as introvert spaces, and lack of perspective and natural green spaces, were compensated by a limited green space on central yard, to produce a pretty perspective and desirable condition for living.

Climate factors in formation of school building spaces had not always definite unilateral influence; for example, utilizing widest surface and plenty chambers in school building, came over this mistake, that instead of distribution of space of elements, they utilize all four fronts of yard to build chambers, in other word, location of chambers in related to sunshine was forgotten.

In school building, yard has been always a symbol of its architecture. In this case, usually the middle or corner points of building, from point of view of dimension, application and structure, were sensitive places.

In a case when operation of residential rooms and chambers were already organized and special spaces are appropriated to those spaces, architect may experience his (her) merit in other spaces such as Eyvans entrances and corners, because those are public places and various activities are performed therein. In this way, chambers are built in four fronts around central yard.

In architecture of chambers and rooms around the yard, have similar features of rectangular or square, while verandas, entrances and elements on the corner have different geometric feature.

Yard architecture has a layer-by-layer, so that each layer is a part of rooms, verandas, chambers, storage, etc. In school architecture only one layer is spread around yard and in some instances one layer is added to entrance part, such as "Mir Arab School" or "Olog-Beig" and "Abdolazizkhan" along Bazaar of Bukhara, remaining of Timurid era.

Samarkent: Rigestan School

Bukhara: Mir Arab School

Bukhara: Oloq Beyk School

Bukhara: Abdolaziz Khan School

Bukhara: Abdollah Khan School

Isfahan: Madar Shah School and Caravansary

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