Yard as an element to organize various Spaces

In architecture of yard, organizing places is achieved on the basis of centralization. Yard is a center around which layers and rings are set; if we count it as a perfect unit, a closed order would be created, which could not be expanded, owing to its limitations. If we want to increase its layers, those layers would have a limited span at dimension and scale to this structure.

In fact, architecture of yarded buildings is a sort of organizing spaces around yard, while yard is a phenomena, gathering necessary places of building around itself; The main reason of appearing is geometry and organizing the space of yard.

Creation in architecture is granting a new order to organizing elements, having a more primary order.

Setting new order for access to perfection is an ideal aim. In architecture of yard, architect benefiting his (her) merit and talent, grants a new order to rooms, chambers and spaces of building, places where already have gained an order regularly. architect by granting a new order to previous order comes to the climax of perfection and a sort of ideal maturity.

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