Modality of structure in Various buildings

In architecture of Ancient Iran, there seems a close relation among various types of buildings in every place and this relation suggests unique idea created by plans of buildings as well as modality of their covering. Plan, whether giant mosque or far away Imam-zadeh, spectacular palace or normal ordinary house, whether in North or at South, all are following a sort of central plan, where yard is an integral part of it.

In other word, notwithstanding many evolutions of Iranian architecture during many thousands years in the past, one may found much similarity in historical trend of architecture, which has not much connection with building type, but is applied to various types of buildings.

For instance, if we consider the smallest unit of architecture in Iran as a simple covered shelter named "room" and the way of connection and fitting of these shelters in the yard as a type of composition, then we could consider rooms around the yard as an eternal and constant images of the past in Iran. Yard, always was a disintegrable part of Iranian architecture and had an immense application with various types of architecture, considering cultural, climatic, traditional and religious conditions.

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