Extrovert Houses

Those houses are usually built in a rather large land, so that yard may make a turn around it.

In introvert yard in architecture, in addition to connective operations and organize various spaces, enters outer spaces inside the house and most of interior spaces open toward it and house. therefore, finds a very little connection with outside. This operational and connective affairs, in extrovert houses are let to other elements.

One of the specialty of extrovert architecture is direct visual and physical connection with outer space of house, lack of yard, expansion in altitude and space organization toward another space like corridor.

Although a specification of extrovert residential architecture is lack of yard, but in congested texture of cities like Lahijan, Rasht and Foumen, houses are encircled in yard and are perfect samples of mat-covered houses, and the main compound of many houses has direct visual connection with their exterior paths. Here, yard is unifying factor of various interior elements like well, stable, yarn and storage.

In some regions of Iran, houses, in addition to central yard, seem extrovert. In those houses, yard, in addition to organizing various spaces beside itself and connecting those spaces together, looks like artificial ventilator. The reason why those houses, having central yard, still are called as extrovert, is that they have following specifications:

1- Visual and physical connection with out of house space
2- Expansion in altitude, in several stories
3- Benefiting from a constructional method: Beam covers.

In those regions, various parts of single-yard houses are organized in several common species:

1- Spaces are organized in one front of yard
2- Spaces are set in two fronts of yard opposite to each other
3- Spaces are organized in both sides of yard vertically to each other
4- Spaces are organized in three sides of yard in "U" shape
5- Spaces are built in four fronts of yard

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