Mahmood Maherolnaqsh/ Soroush pub./ Iran-1997/ 180 pages/ illustrated/
This book, divided in to nine chapters, considered “Hakim Mosque", Situated in Isfahan, from traditional architecture’s point of view; maps and elevations from different sight of buildings, are also shown.

Mahmood maherolnaqsh/ Osveh Pub./Iran-1998/ 80 pages/ 52 color pictures/ 
This collection has got 32 new design by Author, mostly formed in Imam Ali's name and its repetition of Iranian old ceramic Designs.

City of Historical Millennia
Hossein Sohanzadeh/ Cultural Research Bureau/ Iran-1996/ 325 pages/ 406 pictures, plans,
maps and elevations/
Na'in is an is ancient city from Per-Islamic era. This book shows how religious culture and customs have influenced the formation, design and construction of it's quarter centers; also considered, historical background of the city; some of the social and functional characteristics of Nain, City's structural features, urban spaces, types of city's architectural spaces and houses.

Hossein Soltanzadeh/ cultural Research Bureau/ Iran-1997/ 520 pages/ illustrated in pictuer, maps, plans, elevations/
Considered historical formation of Tabriz, texture and historical sites of the city. Student works terminology, guide and source index, are also applied at the end.

Mahmood maherolnaqsh/ Soroush Pub/Iran-1991/ 263 pages/ 251 color pictures/ photography: Kamran Adl, Hadi Haraji/ 
This collection introduces style of angular script, called “Masonary script" or "Angular Kufic Script", that used in Islamic Architecture, inscribing various holy words, sentences or names. This style, used on both inner and outer surfaces of buildings, has been long-standing current practice in Muslim countries.

(From the Transactional Architecture Periods)
A group project of architecture Students under Hossein Soltanzadeh authority/ City of Tehran Pub/ Iran-1994/ 153 pages/illustrated/ 
Several elevations of Ancient Tehran Buildings are considered.

From the Figures & Patterns of Broken Walls & Doors (A Survey of the Urban Embellishments of Isfahan)
Compiled by Isfahan Contemporary Arts Museum
Researchers: Mohammad Ali Sarami, Gholam Reza Nasrollahi
Introduction: Hosein Majlesi
Photographer: Majid Kourang Beheshti
Texts: Mahmoud Maheronnaghsh, Mohammad Rahim Okhovvat, Mahmoud Darvish, Abbas Rostamiyan, Hosein Masjedi, Akbar Mikhak, Ahmad Montazer and Mohammad Ali Sarami
Designer: Maehdi Roshanaei
Thulth calligraphy of the cover: Abbas Ghena-at
Editor: Nasrin Mehr Mohammadi
Execution Manager: Mohammad Ali Sarami
Prepress & Production: Shahriyar Graphic
Translator: Meysam Yazdi, Mohammad Ali Sarami
Publisher: Recreational and Cultural Organization of Isfahan Municipality

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