Iranian Old Calligraphers

Abd Javad Khatat 12th century AD
Abdollah Hosseini 17th century AD, Indian Shah Jahan Court
Abolbaqa Moussavi mystic calligrapher, deceased in 1691
Ahmad Hosseini
Ali Heidar
Baqer Irani
Dervish Abdi

17th century AD, student of Mir Emad; Frirst Iranian who had taken Nastaliq script to Ottoman Fourth Sultan Morad Court.
Hedayatollah Zarrin Qalam
Calligrapher and librarian in Alamguir Indian King Library; deceased in 1710
Hossein Hosseini
Katebolmolk Douri
Khalehzadeh Ahmad
Mahmoud Ibn Isaac Shahabi Siavoshani Heravi 16th century AD

Mir Ali Heravi

Deceased in 1642 in Bukhara
Mir Emad Hassani
(1552-1615) A man of "Seifi" family of Qazvin, which lived in "Shah Abbas" Safavid period.
Mohammad Ali Qaravol
Mohammad Amin Hosseini Tarmazi 16th century AD

Mohammad Amir Qaliheh

12th century AD
Mohammad Imami Heravi
15th century AD, in Yaqoub and Rostam Aq Qoyonlu Court
Mohammad Hossein Tabrizi
Deceased in 1576, Nastaliq Calligrapher in Shah Ismail II period
Mohammad Hossein Keshmiri

17th century AD, student of Mir Ali Heravi
Calligrapher in Indian "Akbar Shah" and "Jahanguir" Court
Mohammad Reza Imami 17th century AD, Sfavid era, Thulth
Mohammad Said Dadehzadeh
Student of "Mohammad Rafi", acquainted with Persian, Turkish and Arabic; deceased in 1764
Shah Mahmoud Neishabouri Deceased in 1563, Meshed, in poor
Sultan Ali Meshedi Timurid era, Deceased in 1517
Sultan Ali Shirazi 16th century
Sultan Mohammad Khandan 16th century, student of Sultan Ali Meshedi






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