Definition for "CERAMIC" and its species: Ceramics

"Ceramics", in general, is science of working with clay and pottery.
At present, it is called to the art and technique of fabrication of objects and parts from clay with factor of heat; now, it is not limited to table ware like bowl, dish, pot...

Miscellaneous materials, are prepared with various methods from soil resources, consequently the word of "Ceramic" is converted to a more concise manufactures.

To have a clear definition, first, various kind of ceramic should be classified, considering its construction and make.

Kinds of ceramic:
A) Structure:
1-Triaxial or compound body: These bodies are formed of three kinds of materials. The main part of those bodies consists of "Caoline", "Quartz" and "Feldspot".
2-Non tri-axial bodies: Consist of an irregular structure and a quantity of other ingredients.

B) Ceramic by make:
1- Earthenware
2- Stoneware
3- China
4- Porcelain
5- Special ceramics

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