Earthenware is a piece of ceramic, having irregular porosity, heated between 850 to 1000 degree C.

In French, it is called "Faience", which is applied to enameled engraved clay.
In English language "Pottery" is the word for it, which is a combination of "Pot" (means "dish") and "ery" for making and working; therefore those together mean "dish-making" in common and "ceramic making" in proper meaning. The nearest word to "Pottery" is "Kuzeh-gari" as synonym of Persian.
In Persian "earthenware is called "Sofal" (Sometimes a ceramic without enamel is also called "Sofal").
In Arabic, this kind of ceramic is called "Khazaf", which is like lime crust of a sea fish.

Species of Earthenware:
Considering to its combinations, earthenware is divided in a few species:
1- Natural, derived of one material with the most un-purity.
2- Fine, combined of more or less adhesive materials, having minimum un-purity.
3- Talc, is an earthenware with high strength, a very desired product due to tiny grains of talc.
4- Semi-Vitruse, is a combination of three main materials and has a medium porosity. Absorption of this earthenware is low and sometimes, it is taken by mistake with true china ware, owing to its transparency and fragility.

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