Chinaware (Chinese)

This kind of ceramic has a white transparent body, with little percent of porosity, sometimes at zero level. China enamel is usually transparent and glassy form. Grade of baking is between 1200 to 1400 degree C.

Species of Chinaware in connection of materials combination are:
1- Hotel China, has a triple blend materials, with a low porosity and maximum thickness.

2- Household China, is quite like "Hotel China", but with a finer structure and thinner body, which results transparency at the body of dish.

3- Bone China, which has a lot of bone ashes, that creates more transparency in the body of dish, and is made mostly in England.

4- Frit China, consists of some Flux, which causes transparency of body (also called "Bellekware"). A famous kind of it, is made in USA, called "Lenox".

5- High Strength China, has special blend, in which alumin in abundance are substitute of quartz.

6- Kitchenware, has a low index of heat expansion. "Ovenware" is a kind of kitchenware, appropriated to oven; another kind of heat resistant dish, is "Flame ware", that might resist in higher heat.

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