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East Chinatown




From morning to night, all year around, East Chinatown is a nub of colorful activity.

This Chinese and Vietnamese street market is situated at the intersection of Gerrard Street East and Broadview Avenue.

You know you've arrived at East Chinatown, when you see primary-colored signs suspended above equally vibrant storefronts.

Fruit and vegetable displays spill out into the sidewalks, where shoppers carefully consider the produce.

Serving one of Riverdale's largest ethnic communities, the market sees constant movement as money and goods exchange hands and vendors restock their displays.

Golden mangoes and brilliant oranges glow in the sun. Snow peas are piled into small green mountains. Eggplants shimmer rich purple. The scales of fresh fish glisten.

One could have meal of dim sum, little dumpling and meats in East Chinatown's restaurants; or try bowl of pho, Vietnamese noodle soup featuring greens and shredded beef, chicken or pork.

On this way, one will find shops selling traditional medicine and herbs, videos, books, pottery, house-ware and unique gifts.




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