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Gerrard India Bazaar




Situated along a stretch of Gerrard Street East, between Greenwood and Coxwell, Gerrard India Bazaar shimmers like necklace with its exotic shops lined up one to the next.

Richly embroidered and sequined textiles glisten in windows, Indian music pulsates through streets, sweet corn grills at street stalls, a visit to "Little India" excites all the senses.

Shops feature unique gift ideas: Swathes of glorious silk, South Asian crafts, musical instruments, incense holders, house-ware, colorful bangles and ornate 24-carat gold jewelry, specialty of the era.

The many fine restaurants of the bazaar offer South Indian, North Indian and Mongol cuisine.

Gerrard Indian Bazaar, catering to the needs of Toronto's South Asian community, is one of the largest markets of its kind in North America.

In bazaar, the crowd take in the lively street scene or visit during one of the seasonal events:

Christmas Day celebration
Basiakhi (Spring) Festival
Diwali (Festival of Lights) in the fall
Eid (Ramadan) celebration




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