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In every city, there is a funky little neighborhood that set trend and caters to the hip crowd. Leslieville, situated along Queen Street East between Logan and Connaught, has the Market cornered on cool with its shop stuffed with retro finds and eclectic antiques.

The friendly proprietors specialize in goods from 50's chic-martini shaker anyone?-to imported armoires and hand-crafted gifts and jewelry.

Tucked in between the storefronts, one would find handful of cozy cafes and restaurants, many specializing in decadent desserts.

The conglomerate of shops, bakeries and eateries has sprung to serve the needs of the nearby studio district. Artists, photographers, graphic designers, cinematographers and producers from "Hollywood North" have converted industrial buildings and warehouses into lofts, film studios and production houses.

Leslieville shops are primed to benefit the community, some shops selling work of local artists, other shops renting props for film sets.

Interior designers are apt to check out Leslieville for that one-of-a-kind item that makes room, whether it is overstuffed sofa, a piece of vintage pottery or European light fixture.




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