Mexico, placed in America with about two million sq. km area (800,000 sq. miles). It is surrounded by USA from North, Guatemala and Brazil from South-east, Pacific Ocean from East and California Sea from West.

Mexico's climate varies according to its topography. It has hot and humid climate. Hot wet season is from May to October, while the hottest and wet months falling between June and September over most of the country. December to February are generally the coolest months, when North winds make inland Northern Mexico decidedly chilly, with temperatures sometimes approaching freezing.

Background Information:
Full Country Name: Eastados Unidos Mexicanos
Area: 1,972,000 sq. km (769,080 sq. miles)
Population: 96 million
People: Approximately 80% Mestizo (mixed European and Indian descent) and 10% Indigeno (native of Americans or Indians, including Nahua, Maya, Mextecs, Totonacs and Tarascos or Purecha) and 10% other nationalities.
Language: Spanish and over 50 indigenous languages
Religion: 90% Roman Catholic, 10% other
Government: Republic
Capital city: Mexico City

Economic Profile:
GDP: US$ 370 billion
GDP per head: US$ 4000
World GDP ranking: 13th
Annual growth: 7%
Inflation: 35%
Major industries: Oil, agricultural food stuffs and manufactured products

When to go:
Most visitors visit Mexico between September to December and February to June; in these times, weather is better than the other months.

Citizens of many countries, including USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and virtually all Western European Countries, do not require visa to enter Mexico as tourist. However, they must obtain Mexican Government Tourist Card, available from embassies or at border crossings; others need visa.

How to get there?
All the countries tourists enter Mexico by airplane or ship.

Getting Around:
The cheapest way for traveling in Mexico is “bus”. Train is more comfortable, but it is expensive.

Outside cities: Airplane, train and bus
Inside cities: Bus and Taxi

Time Zone:
In East: -6 hours
In West: -7 hours
In center: -6.30 hours

Money and Costs:
Currency: Peso
Relative Costs:
Budget Meal: US$ 3-4
Restaurant Meal: US$ 8-12
Budget Hotel: US$ 8-15
Mid-range Hotel: US$ 15-30

All of the publications, radio and TV are in Spanish and English.

Telephone, Fax, Mobile, Post, Email and Internet

Weight and Measures:
Metric System

110 V, 60 Hz.

Business hours:
Government: 9-17
Shopping: 8-12 and 15-20
Weekend: Saturday and Sunday

Art and Culture:
90% Christian and 10% other religions, have mixed Spanish-Indian culture.
Pottery, wood, engraving on stone and carpet are their important handicrafts, which mostly belong to Indian.

All the countries have embassy in Mexico City.

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