Fiestas: September 15 and 16
September is patriotic month. Celebrations for National Independence get underway from the very first day.

Mexico City's major thoroughfares and main square (Zocalo), as well as its Government Building and others around it are decked with flags, strings of colored light bulbs, garlands and motifs for the occasion.

Hundreds of streets stalls and barrows sell national flag, sombreros, windmills and trumpets, and stores' window displays are blaze of red, green and white.

Restaurants feature Mexican delicacies on their menus, and bars and night spots organize "Noches Mexicanas" for people to let their hair down in fun atmosphere.

Some public and private institutions hold special lectures, concerts and other cultural events to celebrate Independence.

On 15th, people start filling "Plaza de la Constitucion", or "Zocalo", early in the evening to buy souvenirs and knick-knacks, while they munch on mind-boggling assortment of snacks and watch shows put by well-known artists during hours before the culminating "Grito".

The big moment is at 11 pm, when Mexican President steps out onto the central balcony of Government Building to ring Dolores bell, wave national flag and lead cheers for heroes who launched the fight for Independence.

On the morning of 16th, downtown streets are lined with children and adults to watch the impressive military parade that winds up Independence festivities.

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