The first and the most famous of resort cities on Mexico's Pacific Coast, was once the new world's gateway to Orient; but, today it is fast growing of well over million inhabitants with high rise hotels, designer shopping places and tri-lingual restaurants, auto-parts stores, polluted rivers and crowded apartments.

Mexico City
Mexico City is the city of Love and Loathe. It has everything you might expect from the world's largest metropolitan are and second largest city with 22 million population.

The historic center of Mexico City is “ Plaza de la Constitution”, more commonly known as “Zocalo”. Plaza was first paved in 1520 by Crotes and with stones from the ruins of temples and palaces of Aztecs, one of Tenochtitlan, the site on which Mexico City was built.

Tenochtitlan was built in the middle of a lake, so many of Mexico City's older buildings and churches are sinking into the boggy ground, on which they were constructed; filling the entire Eastern side of Zocalois “Palacio Nacional” and formerly used for house of Viceroys of New Spain.

This Spanish built city of narrow streets has special atmosphere, at once relaxed and energetic, remote and cosmopolitan, placed in the rugged Southern State of the same name. Oaxaca has a large indigenous population and Indian Markets meld with the City's Superb Colonial Architecture. There are many fascinating places, such as Ruins of Monte Alban, Mitla, Yagal and Cuilapan and also village markets and craft centers.

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