United States of America

America (2000)

United States of America is surrounded by Canada from North and Mexico from South. Two oceans are in East and West of USA. Alaska, just from North Western Canada and Hawaii lies 2500 miles (4000 km) off the country's Western coast, in the middle of Pacific Ocean.
There are three major mountain ranges: Appalachians in East, Rocky mountains in West, and Sierra Nevada along the border of Nevada and California.
Country has abundant natural resources and vast swathes of fertile soil.

United States have a lot of climate division, because the area of this country is too large.
1- North, North-West and North-East of USA have a cold climate.
2- South has dry and hot climate.
3- South-West and South-East have hot and humid climate.
4- West has mild wet climate.
5- Central part has mild cold climate.
6- East of USA has cold and humid climate.
7- In mountains, climate is too cold and dry.

Background Information
Full country name: United States of America
Area: 3,618,000 sq. miles (9,370,000 sq. km)
Population: 265,000,000
Capital City: Washington DC (Population: 607,000)
People: European 74%, African American 12%, Asian 9%, Native American .8%
Language: English
Religions: Protestant 56%, Roman Catholic 28%, Jewish 2%, Muslim 1%
Government: Federal Republic

Economic Profile
GDP: us$ 6.7 trillion
GDP ranking in world: 1st
GDP per head: US$ 25,850
Annual growth: 4.1%
Inflation: 2.6%
Major Industries: Oil, Electronics, Computers, Automobile, Aerospace industries, Agriculture.

When to go there
The best time for visiting USA, is in autumn and spring, because at all points, weather is good.

Most visitors to USA require visa. However, Canadian need the proof of their citizenship. Reciprocal Visa-Waiver Program allows citizens of Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherland, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland to stay up to 90 days , without a visa, if they have an onward ticket.

How to get there
Most visitors arrive USA by air. The main international airports are in Boston, New York, Washington, Miami, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Denver, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles.
Canadian and Mexican could also get there via land.

Getting around
Most people travel with airplane, but fewer travel by bus or car, because the roads are too long and need much time.

Between cities: Airplane and bus
Inside cities: Bus, Taxi and car

Time zone
East: UTC minus five hours
Center: minus six hours
Mountains: minus seven hours
West: minus eight hours

Money and Costs
Currency: US Dollar (US$)
Relative costs:
Budget meal: US$ 3-5
Moderate restaurant meal: US$ 12-20
Budget lodging: US$ 12-15
Moderate lodging: US$ 20-30
Top-end lodging: US$ 60-150

All the publication, radio and TV are in English.
Telephone, Cellular Phone, Fax, Post, Internet and E-mail.
Weight and Measures
Imperial System
110 V, 50 Hz

Business Hours
Government: 9-17
Shopping: 9-22
Weekends: Saturday and Sunday

Art and Culture
United States was discovered in 15th century A.D., when only Indians lived there. Then European, Asian and African immigrated there; so their culture is a mixed of these three nations, mostly European and Asian.
As, USA is not a ancient country, one would be confronted with different and also new meaning of many things, i.e, museums are completely different from the museums of ancient countries; also we could see new ideas there, as "National Park", which could not be seen in Europe or Asia.
The most important fields in Art, which attract American are Music and Movies, first, and then ,Architecture and Crafts.
American Indians, now, are mostly interested in Mat-making and weapon-making.




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