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Kuwait sits at the North-western tip of the Persian Gulf, surrounded by Iraq from North and West  and Saudi Arabia from West. It's about the size of Slovenia or US state of New Jersey. Kuwait is mostly flat and arid with little or no water. The desert is generally gravelly, and the only vegetation in existence is scrub.

In the Summer (April to September) Kuwait is hellishly hot; Winter months are often pleasant, Featuring some of the region's cool weather, with day time temperature around 18 degree C and nights being genuinely chilly; sand storms occur through out the year but are particularly common spring.

Background Information
Full country name: The State of Kuwait
Area: 17,800 sq. km (7000 sq. miles)
Population: 2 million
Capital city: Kuwait City (pop: 238,000)
People: Kuwaiti (45%), other Arab (35%), Asian (9%).
Language: Arabic and English
Religion: Muslim (85%), Christian (7.5 %), Hindu (7.5%).
Government: Constitutional Monarchy.

Economic profile
GDP: US $ 32 billion
GDP Per head: US $ 16,700
Annual growth: 3%
Inflation: 5%
Major industries: Petroleum, Petrochemicals, Desalination.

Entry Information
When to go: The best time to visit Kuwait is in May or October, right before or right after Summer, when the temperatures are civilized.
Visas: Every one except nationals of other Gulf States needs a visa to enter Kuwait. Kuwait does not issue tourist visas; Large hotels can sponsor visas. If Your passport contains an Israeli stamp, you will refused entry to Kuwait.
How to get there: You could get there by air, sea or earth.
Getting around: The best way to get around is using bus.

In cities: bus and car       
Outside: airplane, ship and bus

Money and Costs
Currency: Kuwaiti Dinar (KD)
Relative costs:
Budget meal: US $ 5-7
Mid-range restaurant meal: US $ 7-15
Top-end restaurant meal: US $ 15 and upwards
Budget hotel: US $ 40-70
Mid-range hotel: US $ 70-150
Top-end hotel: US $ 150 and upwards

Time Zone: UTC/GMT  plus 3 hours

Electricity: 220 V and 240 V, 50 HZ

Weights and Measures: Metric System

Communication Means: Telephone, Fax, Telegraph, Post, Email, Mobile, Internet.

Art and culture
An Arab Nation, with Islam (Sunni) religion live in Kuwait. Making felts and Arabic musical instruments, Ornaments and pottery is their Art Works. Their craft is as the other Arab countries, special, Saudi Arabia. Ship-building is the most industry.

All are placed in Kuwait City (Capital).

Major cities
Kuwait City (Capital), Failaka Island, Al-Ahmadi.

Kuwait City (Capital)
All the Kuwait activities are in this city; also have some museums and monuments, as National Museum, Taraq Rajab Museum, Grand Mosque and Sadu House.

Failaka Island
The home of Kuwait's main archeological site; Failake is definitely worth a visit, though it requires of extra caution. Failaka's history goes back to the Bronze Age Dilmun Civilization, which was centered in Bahrain.

An industrial city, with many oil refineries, place 20 Km far from Capital. "Koc" (Kuwait Oil Company) is the most Famous active company in Al-Ahmadi.




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