Arab Countries (Persian Gulf), 2000

The Qatar Peninsula, is just northward into the Persian Gulf ( the east country of the Arabian Peninsula). It's also dry, with most of the country covered in gravelly desert with virtually no natural vegetation.

Summer is from May to September, and average temperature at that time is generally 35 C(95 F), although it can get up to 50 c (122 F). The 90% humidity adds to the discomfort. Winter months (December February) are much milder with pleasant, cool evenings. Through out the year, but especially in  spring, Qatar is subject to sandstorms, and the rainstorms that hit the country in December and January, cause many of the roads to close.

Background Information
Full Country names: State of Qatar.
Area: 11,400 sq. km.
Population: 550,000.
Capital City: Doha (pop. 300,000).
People: Arab 40%, Pakistani 18%, Indian 18%, Iranian 10%.
Languages: Arabic, English and Urdu.
Religion: Islam.
Government: Monarchy.

Economic Profile
GDP: US$ 12 billion.
GDP per head: US$ 21,000.
Annual growth: 3%.
Inflation: 1%.
Major industries: Oil Production and Refining, Fertilizers, Petrochemicals, Steel and Cement.

Travel Information
When to go: The heat is so fierce in summer and sandstorms are so common in spring and winter. the best time to visit is November or late February to early March. During these times you are most likely to enjoy bearable temperatures with a minimum of wind.
Visas:  Everyone except Britons and Nationals of other Gulf States, needs a visa to enter.
How to get there: 
You could get there via sea or air.
Getting around:  Bus and Taxi are the only vehicles, that could get around.
Transportation: Airplane, Ship, Buses and Taxi.

Money and Costs
Currency:  Qatar Rial (QR).
Relative Costs: 
Budget meal: US$ 3-5.
Mid-range Restaurant meal: US$5-15.
Top-end Restaurant meal: US$ 15.

Media: Publications, Radio and TV are in Arabic and English.

Communication:  Telephone, Fax, Email, Post, Mobile and Internet.

Weights and Measures: Metric System.

Time Zone: GMT / UTC plus 3 hours.

Electricity: 230 V, 50Hz.

Art and Culture
Arab people in Qatar have different traditions: Arabic (Islam), Hindu and Buddha.  The most important craft are textile and Pottery.  There is no monument, only a few museums that shows ancient Arab works.

All countries have embassy in Doha (Capital).

Major Cities
Doha (Capital), Zubara and Umm Salal Ali.

Political, Cultural and Business center of Qatar, Duha, is Capital, with hot, sunny weather.  Doha has no monument and only you visit three museums:
1) Qatar National Museum
2) Ethnographic Museum
3) Postal Museum

A historical city with 2000 oldness. There was a safe region for Arab kings. The only monument of Qatar placed in Zubara, called "Al-Khalifa Place", built about 200 years ago.

Umm Sala Ali
A seashore city, placed in 40 km. North Doha, has a good Beach and entertainment center.  

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