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Malay Village
39 Geylang Serai, Tel.: 748 4700, (10-22 daily)
Located in the heart of Geylang Serai, Malay Village offers visitors a taste of kampong life, complete with traditional activities like batik and kite-making and kampong games, such as top-spinning.

Ming Village
32 Pandon Road, Tel.: 265 7711 (9-17:30)
The art of porcelain-making reached its pinnacle during Ming and Qing dynasties of ancient China. Ming Village allows visitors to own a little bit of this colorful history. It makes excellent reproductions of finest pieces of that are using age-old techniques. One could watch craftsmen at work, and choose from an extensive selection of porcelain on sale.

Singapore Discovery Center
510 Upper Jurong Road, Tel.: 792 6188, (9-19 Tue to Sun & public holidays)
Be taken through Singapore's history and technological endeavors, while having fun with interactive attractions. Highlights are Virtual Reality games and iWERKS Theatre, which boasts a 5-century high giant screen with 3-D capability.

Singapore Science Center
15 Science Center Road, Tel.: 425 2500, (10-18 Tue to Sun & public holidays)
The world of science and wonder awaits your discovery in Singapore Science Center, which houses more than 600 exhibits.
Aviation Gallery introduces the principles of flight and examines how man explored skies and Omni-Theatre screens thrilling movies on massive concave screens with surround sound.

Battle Box
51 Conning Rise, Tel.: 333 0510, (10-18 Tue to Sun)
This former bomb-proof World War II bunker is the place where Lt-Gen Percival made his decision to surrender to the invading Japanese troops on 15 Feb. 1942. The bunker is now a recreated exhibition site, featuring robotic wax figures and virtual-reality viewing of actual footage of events leading to the surrender of Singapore.


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