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Bust Of Kimon
At the seafront promenade
Athenian General Kimon led 200 triremes in 450 BC to free Cyprus from Iranian. He died, while he was besieging Kition.

Larnaka District Archaeological Museum
Plateia Kalogreon, Tel: (04) 63 01 69
Interesting collection of finds from Larnaka area dating back from Neolithic Age to Roman period is shown.

Pierides Foundation Museum
Zinonos Kitieos 4, Tel: (04) 65 24 95
The oldest private museum in Cyprus, set up by Dimitrios Pierides (1811-1895). It houses ancient, medieval, Byzantine and more recent objects belonging to the Pierides family. A display case of Modern Greek and Cypriot sculptures could be seen in courtyard.

Larnaka Fort: Local Mediaeval Museum
Larnaka seafront
It was built in 1625 and was used as a prison in the first years of British rule. It houses District Mediaeval Museum. The fort is also used as Larnaka Municipal Cultural Center during summer.

Larnaka Municipal Cultural Center
Plateia Europis-Seafront promenade, Tel: (04) 65 88 48
Five old Larnaka Customs warehouses, built in colonial style (1881), have recently been renovated and turned into Larnaka Municipal Cultural Center. It houses Municipal Gallery and the only Paleontology Museum in Cyprus, where ancient fossilized remains of pygmy elephants and hippopotami that once lived on the island could be seen. The Center also has facilities for occasional exhibitions.

Agios Lazaros Church
Plateia Agiou Lazarou
Saint Lazarus is the patron saint of Larnaka. Kition became his second home after his resurrection by Christ and he lived here for another 30 years. Saints Barnabas and Mark ordained him Bishop of Kition.
In 9th century, Emperor Leo VI erected a magnificent church over his tomb. The church, one of the finest examples of Byzantine architecture in Cyprus, was faithfully restored in 17th century and the iconostasis is an excellent example of baroque woodcarving.
Visitors could see tomb of Saint Lazarus under the sanctuary and the ecclesiastical museum behind the church (Tel: (04) 65 24 89)
Eight days before Greek Orthodox Easter, the icon of Saint Lazarus is taken in procession through the streets of Larnaka.

Approximately 500 m Northeast of Archaeological Museum
It is one of the most important ancient city-kingdoms, with architectural remains dating back to 13th century BC. In about 1200 BC, Mycenaean Greeks rebuilt it and excavations have revealed cyclopean walls made of giant blocks of stone and a complex of five temples.

Kamares Aqueduct
Kamares area, on Larnaka-Lemesos road
A beautiful 18th century aqueduct, which was in use until 1930.

Municipal Museum Of Natural History
Leoforos Grigori Afxentiou, Tel: (04) 65 25 69
It is located within Larnaka Municipal Gardens and Museum has displays of rare insects, birds and animals of Cyprus.


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