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Pafos District Archaeological Museum
Griva Digeni 43, Tel: (06) 240215
Attractive collection of Cypriot antiquities from Pafos area, dating from Neolithic Age to 1700 AD.

Byzantine Museum
A. Ioannou 3, next to the Bishopric. Tel: (06) 23 13 93
An attractive collection of objects from Byzantine period, including Byzantine icons from 7th to 18th centuries and the oldest icon found yet in Cyprus of 7th or 8th century.

Ethnographical Museum
Exo Vrysis 1, Tel: (06) 23 20 10
Interesting private collection of objects from Neolithic Age to the present day.

Pafos Mediaeval Fort
Kato Pafos harbor
Originally, a Byzantine fort built to protect the harbor, it was rebuilt by Lusignans in 13th century, dismantled by Venetians in 1570 and rebuilt by Ottomans after they captured the island in 16th century.

Agia Solomoni Church
Kato Pafos, Leoforos Agiou Pavlou
Originally, a Christian catacomb retaining some of 12th century frescoes. A sacred tree at the entrance is believed to cure ailments of those, who hang a personal offering on its branches.

Kato Pafos Archaeological Park
The inclusion of Kato Pafos archaeological area in the World Heritage List in 1980 sparked off the idea of the creation of a General Plan, whose main aim is to preserve and maintain archaeological remains and to promote and provide integral information to visitors. Archaeological site of Kato Pafos includes areas and monuments from prehistoric times up to and including the middle Ages, with most remains dating to Roman period. Mosaic floors of four villas of Roman period are the epitome of all these findings. Other important monuments are Asklipeio, Odeon, the early Christian Basilica and Fort of Saranta Kolones.



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