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Pafos Area-1

Geroskipou Folk Art Museum
Geroskipou village, 3 km East of Pafos, Tel: (06) 24 02 16
Name of the village comes from Greek phrase 'Ieros Kipos', sacred garden of Aphrodite. A fascinating collection of folk arts and crafts is exhibited in beautiful Chatzismith house.

Agia Paraskevi Church
Geroskipou village, 3 km East of Pafos, Tel: (06) 26 18 59
One of the most interesting Byzantine churches on the island, dating back to 10th century. It is a basilica surmounted by five domes forming a cross and has beautiful mural paintings dating from 8th to 15th centuries.

Sanctuary of Aphrodite
Kouklia village, 14 km East of Pafos, off the Lemesos - Pafos road, Tel: (06) 43 21 80
Palaipafos, Old Pafos, was one of the most celebrated pilgrimage centers of the ancient Greek world and once city-kingdom of Cyprus. Here stood famous Sanctuary of Aphrodite, the most ancient remains of which date back to 12th century BC. Glorious days of sanctuary lasted till 3rd-4th century. Museum, housed in Lusignan Manor, contains many interesting finds from the area, and excavations continue on the site of the sanctuary, city and necropolis.

Petra Toy Romiou-Birthplace of Aphrodite
25 km East of Pafos
According to legend, Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty, rose from waves in this strikingly beautiful spot. Greek name, Petra tou Romiou 'Rock of Greek' is associated with legendary frontier-guard of Byzantine times Digenis Akritas, who kept marauding Saracens at bay with amazing strength. It is said that he heaved this large rock into the sea destroying enemy's ship.

Panagia Chryseleousa Church
Polemi village
A complex of two churches. The oldest is the Northern one, which is a domed cross-in-square type building, possibly of 12th century. Later in 18th century, a barrel-vaulted church was added to the South. Excellent 16th century icons survive on the iconostasis.

Metochi Monis Kykkou
Polemi village
An interesting group of buildings of traditional architecture, known as "Metochi tou Kykkou", can be found in the Northwestern part of the village. Today it is used as a Cultural Center for local community.


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