Mountain village, Troodos

Pantocrator, 14th century
Church of Agios Nikolaos tis Stegis
(Saint Nicholas of Roof)

Agros village, Pitsylia

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Pitsylia area lies on the eastern slopes of Troodos mountain range. Picturesque villages cling to mountainside amid vineyards, orchards of almond and hazelnut trees and an astonishing array of wild flowers. Pitsylia area can be reached either from Lemesos or Lefkosia. From Lemesos one takes Lemesos-Agios Theodoros-Agros road, or Lemesos-Kato Amiantos-Karvounas-Kyperounta road. From Lefkosia one passes through Palaichori-Agros, or through Kakopetria-Karvounas-Kyperounta.

28 km North of Lemesos, on the South of Troodos range, off Lemesos-Agros road
In the center of the village is the small church of Agios Mamas, built in 1455, with mural paintings signed by Philip Goul.

45 km North of Lemesos, through Agios Theodoros
Agros is the center of the district. A 19th century church now stands on the site of monastery of Panagia Eleousa, founded by monks from Constantinople in 9th century.

45 km South of Lefkosia, on Lefkosia-Agros-Lemesos road, and 15 km from Agros
Church of "Metamorfosis tou Sotiros", Transfiguration of Saviour, is an early 16th century chapel on the hill, overlooking the beautiful old village. Its interior is completely painted with one of the most accomplished series of murals of post-Byzantine period in Cyprus. Church of Panagia Chrysopantanassa built in 16th century, contains wall paintings. It is the main church of the upper village.
Palaichori has an Ecclesiastic Museum, which houses icons and other consecrated vessels from various churches of the village, as well as a Struggle Museum in a house, which once served as a hideout for heroes of the EOKA Independence Struggle (1955-59). Impressive monument of "Cypriot Mother" dominates the entire area.

Stavros tou Agiasmati
Platanistasa village, 15 km from Agros, 30 km off Lefkosia-Astromeritis road, turning left before Peristerona village
A 15th century church, lying about 3 km outside this charming old village, retains the most complete cycles of mural paintings of the second half of 15th century in Cyprus. Visitors can ask for key from the village priest.

Panagia tou Araka
Lagoudera village is 15 km from Agros or off the Kakopetria-Troodos-Lemesos road (Karvounas crossroad).
The 12th century church situated just outside the village has frescoes, which are some of the finest of the late Comnenian style (c1192) prevailing throughout Greece, the Balkans and Russia. Together with Asinou church and that of Agios Nikolaos its Stegis, it is considered to be one of the most important Byzantine churches on the island. Visitors can ask for the key and be escorted by the priest who is to be found in the premises next to the church.



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