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Panagia Podithou
There are four painted churches in and around the village. Church of Agios Sozomenos dates back to the early 16th century and retains a complete series of frescoes in post-Byzantine style. Church of Archangelos Michail or Panagia Theotokos is a timber-roofed chapel, just below the village and is completely painted in the post-Byzantine style of the early 16th century. Nearby is the larger church of Panagia Podithou, which once belonged to a monastery. It was erected in 1502 and its paintings are of Italo-Byzantine style. The small church of Agia Paraskevi, on the old Kakopetria-Galata road, has murals dating to 1514. The old inn, which has been restored, 'Chani Kalianon', is an interesting example of rural architecture.

Asinou Church
5 km from Nikitari village, off the main Lefkosia-Troodos road, around 20 km North of Kakopetria
An early 12th century church dedicated to Virgin Mary, with frescoes of 12th century and later periods, considered being among the finest examples of Byzantine mural painting in the island. Visitors should ask for the priest of Nikitari village to escort them.

Marathasa Valley
This fertile valley, well known for its cherries, lies on the North side of Troodos range. It offers an alternative route to Troodos through lovely mountain villages of Kalopanagiotis, Moutoullas, Pedoulas and Prodromos. The road to Kykkos Monastery is signposted and turns off the main Lefkosia-Troodos road, just below Evrychou. Marathasa is also reached from Lemesos-Platres-Prodromos road (around 65 km from Lemesos).

Agios Ioannis Lampadistis
Village is famous for its sulphur springs and Church of Agios Ioannis Lampadistis, with excellent frescoes of 13th and 15th century. Originally a monastery, it is a complex of two churches and a chapel of various dates. One of the biggest religious fairs in the valley is held here on St. John's day, 4th October.

Panagia tou Moutoulla
Less than a kilometer further up is Moutoullas village, with its tiny 13th century Chapel of Panagia tou Moutoulla, one of the earliest dated examples of the steep-pitched wooden-roof type with frescoes dating to 1280. Visitors can obtain key from the adjacent house. Traditional craft of wooden carved basins has been preserved in Moutoullas.

Archangelos Michail
The third village up the mountain is Pedoulas, a summer resort famous for its cherries. Painted church or Archangelos Michail, in the lower part of the village dates from 1474. Visitors can obtain the key from the adjacent house. A few meters from the church is the Pedoulas Byzantine Museum.



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