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Kykkos Monastery
20 km West of Pedoulas village
The most famous and richest monastery in Cyprus. Founded in 1100 and dedicated to Virgin Mary, it possesses one of the three surviving icons ascribed to Saint Luke. The icon, covered in silver gilt and enclosed in a shrine of tortoiseshell and mother-of -pearl, stands at the front of the iconostasis. The first President of Cyprus, Archbishop Makarios III served here as a novice. At his own wish, he was buried at Throni, 3 km West of Monastery and not far from his native village of Panagia. Religious fairs are held at Kykkos on 15th August and 8th September.
The Museum of Kykkos houses an important collection of consecrated vessels and Cypriot antiquities.

Trooditissa Monastery
5 km Northwest of Platres, 40 km from Lemesos, on Platres-Prodromos road
This beautiful monastery was originally founded in 13th century. Present church dating from 1731,contains many valuable icons, including a priceless icon of Virgin Mary plated with silver-gilt from Asia Minor. A large religious fair is held in the grounds on 15th August. The monastery is closed for visits.

Mesa Potamos Monastery
Deserted monastery near Platres in an idyllic setting, with a nearby waterfall.

Tel: (05) 24 32 23 and 24 33 47
Area of krasochoria, meaning 'wine villages', is found on the South side of Troodos range. Traditions are kept alive in these villages, where the cultivation of vineyards and wine making are still the main occupation of inhabitants. This is the area, which produces the famous local dry red wine. Main villages in the area are Omodos, Arsos, Pachna, Koilani and Vasa. The area is reached from the Lemesos-Pafos road, turning right after Erimi village or from the Lemesos-Platres road.
Important villages of region include Omodos, Vouni, Pachna and Arsos, which has an    interesting little Folk Art Museum.

11 km Southwest of platres
A wine producing village, once the property of Sir John De Brie, Prince of Galilee, with Monastery of Stavros, 'Holy Cross', standing by stone-paved square. Monastery contains old icons, excellent woodcarving and other ecclesiastical objects of interest, as well as a small National Struggle Museum. A traditional wine press known as ‘Linos’ has been restored in an old house. A festival is held in the village every August, and there is a large religious fair on 14th of September.

4 km west of Platres
Famous for its pottery and its loukoumi sweet. Visitors can see Pilavakeion private pottery collection.

1.5 km Southwest of Pera Pedi, off Lemesos-Troodos road
An attractive wine-producing village. Two kilometers from the village is single aisled vaulted church of Agia Mavri, typical of 12th century architecture with murals of the late 15th century. Village has a local Ecclesiastical and Viticulture museum.



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