Nature's Gift

From the topmost point of Mount Olympus to the coats and sweeping plains, Cyprus is nature's island. Many exquisite wild flowers grow in splendid profusion in springtime. Trees, shrubs and plants luxuriate in Mediterranean sunshine all year round. Bright bougainvillea blazes vividly against white walls, reflecting its splendor in the crystal clear waters.

Cyprus is also prized for its bird life, and the migratory birds that use the country as a stopover are eagerly awaited between seasons.

Due to the wonderful climate and variety of scenery, the island offers endless opportunities for nature lovers and outdoor sports fans. Activities such as angling, mountain-biking, hiking, gliding, golf, sea-sports and yachting are but a few of the special activity holidays that the island offers.

With so many possibilities, Cyprus is a bird watcher's paradise, an archaeologist's heaven, and a photographer's dream...



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