Historic Sites

Excavations of "Chiorokoitia" have brought to light one of the most important Neolithic cultures of Mediterranean region. Three nearby model dwelling help the visitor interpret life and culture in Neolithic period.

Amathous offers well-preserved archaeological remains of one of the ancient city-kingdom. The remains date from Archaic, Roman and Christian periods.
royal Tombs of Tamassos: Excavations of Royal Tombs are impressive witnesses of the rich city-kingdom of antiquity.

Kourion, is one of the island's most beautiful situated ancient city-kingdoms. Ruins date back from Classical period up to the early Christian period. They stretch spectacularly over a rocky plateau that drops steeply to the coastal plain. The nearby Sanctuary of Apollo and Stadium are also essential places to visit.

Famous Sanctuary OF Aphrodite, whose oldest parts date back to 12th century BC, stood in Old Pafos, one of the major pilgrimage sites.

In the harbor city of Pafos, the capital of Cyprus in Hellenistic and Roman times, colorful floor mosaics and splendid tombs tell the tales of antiquity and castles, churches and mosques of later rulers. It is a living history book now declared a World Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO.

Kition (Larnaka) is one of the most important ancient city-kingdoms with architectural remains dating back to 12th century BC. In about 1200 BC, Kition was rebuilt by Mycenaean Greeks.

Fortifications from Byzantine, Frankish and Venetian periods include Castle of Lemesos (Limassol), medieval Castle of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem at Kolossi and city walls of Lefkosia (Nicosia).

Churches of Troodos Mountains have also been included in UNESCO Cultural Heritage List. In Byzantine period, churches with their precious frescoes were hidden by being built in mountains. Additional protection was provided by the steep wooden sloped roofs over the domes , an architectural curiosity found only in Cyprus. The gems among these churches are Assinou, Panagia tou Araka, Agios loannis Lampadistis. Other Byzantine masterpieces are churches of Angeloktisti with fabulous 6th century wall mosaic and five-dome church of Agia Paraskevi.

Cyprus' most beautiful mosque, Tekke of Hala Sultan, is one of the holiest shrines. 



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