Bowl of Sgrafitto Ware
Mediveal Period
Cyprus Mediveal Museum
Lemesos Castle

Ethnological Museum

Terracotta figurine
Late Bronze Age
Cyprus Museum



8200-1050 BC

Remains of the oldest known settlements in Cyprus date from this period. This civilization developed along the North and South coasts. First, only stone vessels were used. Pottery appeared on a second phase after 5000 BC.

Transitional period between the Stone Age and the Bronze Age. Most Chalcolithic settlements are found in Western Cyprus, where a fertility cult developed. Copper is being discovered and exploited on a small scale.

2500-1050 BC-BRONZE AGE
Copper is more extensively exploited bringing wealth to Cyprus. Trade develops with Near East, Egypt and the Aegean, where Cyprus is known under the name of Alasia.
After 1400 BC Mycenaean from Greece reach the island as merchants. During the 12th and 11th centuries, mass waves of Achaean Greeks come to settle on the island spreading the Greek language, religion and customs. They gradually take control over Cyprus and establish the first city-kingdoms of Pafos, Salamis, Kition and Kourion. Hyalinization of the island is now in progress.



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