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Population currently around seven million-may be declining, but it is still by far Europe's largest city. It's also far more diffuse than the great cities of the continent, such as Rome or Paris.
1. 198 Gallery
2. Adam Butler Photography
3. Berwald Oriental Art
4. Cotto Gallery
5. Fine Art Society PlC
6. Flevr de Lys Gallery
Some Buildings and Monuments:
1. Buckingham Palace
2. Hampton Court Palace
3. Millennium Dome
4. Westminster Abbey
Museums and Exhibits:
These are divided in to six parts:
1. Art
2. History
3. Imperial war museum
4. Natural History museum
5. Tower of London
6. Tower of London virtual Tour
7. Other sites

Belfast is the Capital City of Northern Ireland. More than a third of the province's 1.5 million populations live with in the Belfast conurbation and, consequently, there's a pace and bustle about the place that you'll find almost now here else in the north.
Conway Mill is the only Art Gallery in Belfast.
1. Culloden Hotel
2. Europe Hotel
3. Lansdowne Court Hotel
4. Storming Hotel
5. Wellington Park Hotel

A small, education and cultural city near London. It takes only one hour by car and 20 minutes by train from London to Oxford.
1. Ash Olean Museum of Art and Archaeology
2. Bate Collection of Musical Instruments
3. Museum and Galleries Directory
4. Pitt Rivers Museum
1. Dial Hotel
2. Galaxy Hotel
3. Green Gables Hotel
4. Oxford Moat House
5. Pine Castle Hotel

A historical city, with numerous, procreative centers, museums, art museums, galleries, parks, restaurants, hotels and … .
Art gallery: Glasgow Print Studio
1. Gatehouse Gallery
2. Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery
1. Brunswick Hotel
2. Cop Thorne Glasgow
3. Kirk lee Hotel
4. Marines



United Kingdom
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