Alice Spring
The town has embraced tourism Wholeheartedly and although the continuing improvements of the on-site Ayers Rock Resort have affected trade; Alice still seems set to succeed, primarily because both the town and surrounding area have much to offer, even without the obligatory visit to Ayers Rock.
Art Galleries: Aboriginal Art and Culture Center and Original Dreamtime Art Gallery Museums: Art Museum and History Museum

Art Galleries: Aerodrome Gallery, Dacou Aboriginal Art Gallery
Museums: Migration Museum of South Australia and South Australian Museum

Brisbane's Character arises largely from a lack of formal planning; the city has made the best of circumstances rather than anticipating them.
Museum: Queens land Art Gallery and Queens land Museum


Canberra is a more pleasant place than it's usually given credit for, with lost of open spaces, parks and gardens, separating various attractions The National Gallery and National Library. Within a short distance are forest and bush land and unspoiled wilderness in the Namagdi National Park.
Parks: Australian National Botanic Gardens and Canberra Nature Park
Art Galleries: Canberra Galleries Art
Museums: Australian War Memorial and National Museum of Australia

Central Coast
Gold Coast

Australia's second-largest city, Melbourne's appeal is in its relaxed lifestyle, rather than a concentration of sights. It's a place to sit and enjoy a coffee or stroll in a park instead of traipsing around numerous museums and tourist attractions.
Art Galleries: Niagara Galleries, Gallery Gabrielle Pizzie, Artists Online
Museums: National Gallery of Victoria, Museum of Victoria, Melbourne Museum of Printing and Royal Air Force Museum.

Northern Territory
Sunshine Coast

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