New Zealand


New Zealand is placed in South Pacific Ocean, 1600 km South-East of Australia. It stretches 1600 km from North to South and consists of two large islands and a smattering of smaller islands, some hugging its shores, others hundreds of kilometers away.
The North Island (115,000 sq. km) and South Island (151,000 sq. km) are two major land masses; the next largest is Stewarted Island (1700 sq. km), which lies directly beneath South Island.

New Zealand weather is dry and humid. South of New Zealand has humid weather. North of New Zealand has hot and humid weather. Center of New Zealand has dry weather.
Winter falls in the months of June through August and summer from December to February.

Background Information
Full Country name: Dominion of New Zealand
Area: 269,000 sq. km
Population: 3.5 million
Capital City: Wellington (population 328,000)
People: European (Pakeha) 88%, Maori and Polynesian 12%

All Publications, radio and TV are in English.

Telephone, cellular phone, fax, post, email and internet.

Weight and Measures
Metric system

240 V, 50 Hz

Business hours
Government: 9-17
Shopping: 9-13 and 15-23
Weekend: Saturday and Sunday

Art and Culture
Dominant cultural groups are Pakeha and Maori. Other smaller groups include Yugoslavian Dalmatians, Polynesians, Indians and Chinese. Common thread that binds the entire population is its love of sport, especially national game of rugby union, and outdoor pursuits such as sailing, swimming, cycling, ...
The secular aside, Christianity is the most common religion with Anglicanism, Presbyterianism and Catholicism the largest denominations. An interesting religious variation is synthesis the Maori Rantana and Ringatu faiths with Christianity.
New Zealand Art is multifarious, valuing innovation, integrity and craftsmanship, that reflects Pakeha, Maori and Melanesian heritage.
Wood, stone, shell and bone carving are readily available, while large works such as wood paneling could be seen in most areas.

All embassies are placed in Wellington.

Major Cities
Wellington (Capital), Auckland and Northland and Tauranga  


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