Chisel Work
Decorative work on metal objects is executed in several techniques. It is a plastic deformation of metal with non-cutting round-edged punches, hammered-in form the front of work piece or from the rear. This technique is called "Chisel Work" in English and "Qalamzani" in Persian.

Mostly copper, copper-gold, brass, nickel alloys, gold and silver objects are engraved.

These vessels are filled to be embossed with hot mixture of pitch and fine sand or ashes, which after cooling is sufficiently hard and heavy to act as the base, yet plastic enough to give away when the embossing chisel drives the metal back.

The creative embosser and engraver need the talents of a master painter, plus skills of driving and hammering various chisels on to hard metal surface, which is not flat like painting base.

Chisel Work in Iran
Isfahan has become the main production center of embossing and engraving works in Iran. Other centers are Shiraz, Zanjan, Boroujerd, Sangesar (Semnan)...

Azerbaijan: Chisel Work

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