"Lladro"" creations are presents that bring people closer together, inspiring feelings of joy among family, friends and acquaintances. The feelings we share with each other are rekindled when we give Lladro figurines as gifts. Because of their magical ability to conjure up memories, their magical ability to conjure up memories, their delicacy and beauty, Lladro works are an ideal way to give our homes a touch of style. Their artistic values, paying testimony to a thousand year tradition, confer elegance and charm in a wide variety of decorative styles.

You are invited to share in the world of Lladro, enabling you to enjoy each new creation as it reaches your home and touches your heart. Welcome to the pleasure of collecting moments of joy in the form of art works in porcelain.

By joining the LCS you will become part of the Lladro world, receiving exclusive information and enjoying all the exclusive benefits open only to members:

- A special annual gift for members.
- An exclusive option for pieces especially created for members.
- A free annual subscription to the quarterly magazine Expressions, with complete information of the Lladro world.
- An elegant binder for conserving your copies of Expressions.
- A personalized members card guaranteeing your privileges.
- A decorative porcelain plaque in bass-relief signed by the Lladro brothers.
Should you wish to join or receive further information, contact your authorized dealer or write to:

Carretera de Alboraya s/n, Poligono Lladro Tavernes blanques E-40016 (Valencia) Spain,
Tel: 34-6-185 8170

If the base of a porcelain figurine presents any of the five kiln-fired inscriptions and a code shown here, you can be sure that it is an authentic Lladro creation.
This code is a reference for our internal control only. It is not a serial number or a codified production date.

The fact that we have used different inscriptions at different times does not mean that pieces have been classified into different categories. It is simply that various international legal mechanisms have been used at different times to defend the Lladro trade-name and copyright.

LLADRO Carretera de Alboraya s/n, 46016 Tavernes Blanques, Valencia, Spain

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