Luoyang Peony Fair
April 15-25
Luoyang began the cultivation of the peony 1400 years ago and over 350 varieties are grown there today. During the fair, the city blooms with the beautiful flowers, and there are performances and exhibitions, as well as excursions to the Longmen Grottoes, White Horse Temple and ancient tombs.

Laken Royal Glasshouses
Brussels, April 14-20
The jewel within the Royal Parks was built in 19th century, by King Leopold II, to house his collection of plants from Congo. Though the series of 11 massive greenhouses are still principally for their majesties' pleasure only, mere mortals can enter for a brief time every year.

Chelsea Flower Show
London, May 20-23
The 60-plus gardens is held annually in the gardens of Royal Hospital, Chelsea, London.

IGA2003 Rostock
April 23-October 12
The Baltic port of Rostock in north-eastern Germany plays house to the 2003 International Horticultural Exposition. As well as the usual flower show, IGA will also tackle a large urban-renewal project, renovating the nearby village of Schmarl. Perhaps, the most original element of the show will be a church, built from willow trees.

Cherry blossom (Sakura) viewing, or Ohanami, takes place throughout Japan with picnic and a burst of national pride. The blooms first come out in the south of the country, where it's warmer, and slowly shed flowers all over Japan.

Hirosaki Sakura Matsuri
April 23-May 5
A breathtaking spot for cherry-blossom viewing is the park in the middle of Hirosaki city center at Hirosaki Castle. With over 5000 cherry trees in its grounds, the branches spread close to the moat, reflecting the blossoms on the surface of the water.

Emperors' Palace Moat
early April
Imperial Palace sits in the center of Tokyo and Emperors' Palace Moat is a fairytale scene of soft pink and white flowers. On the moat one can hire paddleboats or just stroll under the blossom canopies and take in the splendor.

Keukenhof Gardens
Open daily until May 18
Established in 1949 as a showcase for Dutch bulb growers, each spring shows more than 7 million buds bloom. The growers compete for the most imaginative display, inter-planting species for effect. The emphasis here is definitely on tulips, but with over 77 acres of wooded park, there's room aplenty for Japanese cherry trees, azaleas and rhododendrons to flower.

Flower Parade April 26
Once a year, a spectacular floral parade leaves Noordwijk at 9:30 am and follows 40 km route , ending in Haarlem at 9:30 pm, where the floats, constructed entirely of flowers, are displayed in the city center for the rest of weekend.

Garden Week
April 19-27
Over 250 of Virginia's most beautiful gardens, homes and historic landmarks are shown during "America's Largest Open House". any houses have interesting family histories intertwined with the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. Now, entering 70th season, Garden Week is the oldest and largest state-wide house and garden tour event in USA.

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