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Tehran Cultural Centers, Galleries and Libraries

Iran: Tehran
Zone 1
Amir Kabir Cultural Center
Pirouz Sq., Qeytarieh Ave., Qeytarieh Park, 2220-4453 & 2220-7051
Amir Kabir Gallery
Amir Kabir Cultural Center, 2221-2392
Amir Kabir Library
Amir Kabir Cultural Center, 2221-2392
Azimi Library
Shariati Ave., Sadr Crossroad, 2261-304
Darabad Library
Tajrish, Qods Sq., Bahonar Ave., Darabad Park, 2228-4810
Jamshidieh Gallery
Tajrish, Qods Sq., Bahonar Ave., Omidvar St., Jamshieh Park, 2228-7793
Zone 2
Ebn Sina Cultural Center
Shahrak Qods, No. 1 Phase, Iran Zamin (North) Ave., 8807-0403
Ebn Sina Gallery
Ebne Sina Cultural Center, 8807-0106
Nasr Culture House
Nasr Ave., 4th St., N0. 3 City district Bldg., 8827-8361
Zanjan Culture House
Azadi Ave., Zanjan (North) St., No. 6 City district Bldg., 6602-3777 & 6601-9807
Allameh Tarashti Library
Azadi Ave., Tarasht Ave., 6603-8283
Molana Library
Pounak (West) Ave., Sepehr Commercial Complex, 8808-3212
Zone 3
Arasbaran Cultural Center
Shariati Ave., Seyed Khandan, Jolfa St., 8864-818
Arasbaran Gallery
Arasbaran Cultural Center, 8864-819
Specialized Art Library
Arasbaran Cultural Center, 8864-820
Caricature House
Shariati Ave., Ketbi Sq., No. 60, 2225-1562
Shahriar Library
Dibaji (South) Ave., Arqavan Park, 2256-4538
Zone 4
Eshraq Cultural Center
Tehranpars, 2nd Sq., Jashnvareh Ave., 7732-7111
Naqsh Gallery
Eshraq Cultural Center, 7732-4112
Eshraq Library
Eshraq Cultural Center, 7732-4113
Hakimieh Culture House
Tehran Pars, Hakimieh, 7730-6576
Sadaf Culture House
Majidieh (North), Mellat Sq., No. 5 Golestan Ave., Sadaf Park, 2293-2535
Zone 5
Marefat Cultural Center
Kashani Expressway, Shahr Ziba Sq., Shahran Ave., 4430-4978
Marefat Gallery
Marefat Cultural Center, 4430-4979
Hadi Najmabadi Library
Marefat Cultural Center, 4430-9559
Nour Culture House
Kashani Blvd. Nour Sq., 4408-9694
Nour Gallery
Nour Culture House, 4408-8707
Zone 6
Sarv Cultural Center
Vali Asre Ave., Sai Park, 8878-6276
Shafaq Culture Center
Yusefabad, No. 21 St., Shafaq Park, 8871-8849
Shafaq Gallery
Shafaq Culture House, 8871-8849
Golha Culture House
Shahid Gomnam Ave., Golha Park, 8802-1491
Jahan-ara Culture House
Yusefabad, No. 58 St., 8871-9916
Laleh Gallery
Fatemi Ave., Laleh Park, 6650-492
Zone 7
Andisheh Cultural Center
Shariati Ave., Andisheh Park, 8876-8995
Andisheh Library
Andisheh Cultural Center, 8876-4468
Andisheh Gallery
Andisheh Cultural Center, 8876-8041
Aks-khaneh Shahr
Haft Tir Sq., Bahar Shiraz Sq., 8884-8993
Kaj Culture House
Shariati Ave., Kaj St., 7769-854
Qasem-abad Culture house
Tehran-no Ave., Amir Kiai Ave., Qader Panah alley, Motahari Ave., Avini Park, 7755-1461
Koran House
Motahari ave., Avini Park, 8841-3511
Zone 8
Fadak Culture House
Madani ave., Golestan St., Fadak Park, 7781-3002
Fadak Gallery
Fadak Culture House, 7781-3002
Marefat Culture House
Golbarg Ave., Dardasht crossroad, Akbari St., 7706-020
Marefat Library
Marefat Culture House, 7706-080
Golbarg gallery
Narmak, Nobovat Sq., City Bldg., 7797-9078
Square 16 Culture house
Narmak, East 46 Metri ave., Square 16, 7742-3509
Koran House of District 8
Resalat Sq., Madani Ave., 7781-9130
Shahidi Library
Narmak, Square 58, 7791-281
Farzanegan library
Damavand ave., Vahidieh, Tasliat Park, Golestani St., 7782-0533
Zone 9
Hashemi District Culture House
Azadi Ave., shahidan Ave., Hashemi complex, 6602-9060 & 6602-9392
Mehrabad Culture house
Mehr-abad (South) Ave., Tavakoli Ave., Isfahani St., 6661-6388 & 6662-0163
Shamshiri Culture House
Azari Crossroad, Shamshiri Ave., Shamshiri Park, 6662-9893
Tehransar Culture house
Karaj Makhsous Rd., Arj, Golha Blvd., 4450-8000
Hazi Lahiji Library
Tehransar Culture house, 4450-8000
Vardavard Culture House
Karaj Makhsous Rd., Km 17, Vardavard Blvd., (02669) 310-41
Allameh Tabatabai library
Azadi ave., Shahidan Ave., Hashemi Sq., 6602-9060
Ostad Moin Library
Mehrabad (South) Ave., Tavakoli Ave., Isfahani St., (02669) 310-41
Zone 10
Haft Chenar Culture House
Khosh (South) Ave., Niku St., Nahid crossroad, 5571-8143
Haft Chenar ( Attar) Library
Khosh (South) Ave., Niku St., Nahid crossroad, 5571-8143
Haft Chenar ( Attar) Library
Haft Chenar Culture House, 5571-8143
Saniolmolk Gallery
Haft Chenar Culture House, 5571-8143
Etemad Culture house
Haft Chenar Ave., Etemad Garden, 5572-1985
Zone 11
Abu Said Culture House
Monirieh Sq., Abu Said Blvd., 6649-3039
Abu Said Gallery
Abu Said Culture House, 6649-3039
Aqa Sheikh Hadi Culture house
Jomhouri Ave., Sheikh Hadi Ave., Sokhanvar St., 6649-8587 
Aqa Sheikh Hadi Gallery
Aqa Sheikh Hadi Culture house, 6649-8588
Hor Culture House
Kargar (South) Ave., Hor Sq., 6640-2365
Shahid Qaderian Library
Kargar (South) Ave., Hor Sq., 6640-9523
Zone 12
Khaju Kermani Culture Complex
Shush Ave., Harandi Sq., Khaju Kermani Park, 5563-6655
Khaju Kermani Library
Khaju Kermani Culture Complex, 5630-6655
Imamzadeh Yahya Culture house
Rey Ave., Abshar (West) Ave., Imamzadeh Yahya St., No. 127, 353-228
Kossar Culture House
Rey Ave., Qiam Sq., Kossar Park, 369-040
Kossar Gallery
Kossar Culture House, 369-040
Dardar Culture House
Rey Ave., Dardar St., Etemad alley, 351-538
Dardar Library
Dardar Culture House, 351-538
Taleqani Library
Enqelab Ave., Shemiran crossroad, Tonekabon St., 7753-2037
Zone 13
Hafezieh Culture House
Nirou Havai 30m Ave., No. 9/33 Ave., Hafezieh St., 7742-5968 & 7725-820
Mehravar Culture house
Mehravar Ave., No. 12/34 Ave., Qafuri St., 7743-1025
Abi Gallery
Imam Hossein Sq., Tehran-n0 Ave., Montazeri Ave., Khayam Park, 3313-8688
Imam Khomeini Library
Imam Hussein Sq., Tehran-n0 Ave., Montazeri Ave., Khayam Park, 3313-8689
Zone 14
Abuzar Culture House
Mahalati Expressway, Abuzar, 3314-4078
Fereshteh Azadi Culture house
Mahalati Expressway, Imam Hassan Sq., Fereshteh Azadi Ave., 3318-6248
Shahid Andarzgu Culture House
Pirouzi Ave., Boroujerdi Sq., Andarzgu St., 3313-9888
Shokoufeh Culture House
Shahrivar 17th Ave., Kazemi Ave., No.17, 3340-882
Kamaleddin Behzad Gallery
Mahallati Expressway, Imam Hassan Sq., Fereshteh Azadi Ave., 3319-2167
Ebn Sina Library
Pirouzi Ave., Chaharsad Dastgah, 3343-560
Zone 15
Khavaran Cultural Center
Khavaran Ave., Hashemabad crossroad, 3373-0002 to 05
Valfajr Culture house
Afsarieh Sq., Valfajr Park, 3315-2939
Vali Asre Culture House
Khorasan Sq., Tayeb Ave., 3373-8008
Hashemabad Library
Khavaran Ave., Hashemabad Ave., 3370-8923
Qiamdasht Culture House
Khavaran Ave., Qiamdasht, 45m Ave., (0292343) 2788
Zone 16
Bahman Cultural Center
Railway Sq., Bahman Sq., 5505-1384 & 5505-1387
Fair Cultural-Artistic Complex
Besat Ave., Khazaneh Ave., 4th Sq., Jamshid Seyed Ave., 5531-6799 & 5531-1575
Khazaneh Culture house
Khazaneh Bokhrai 1st Sq., Parastoui Ave., 5531-2921
Khazaneh Neighborhood Culture House
Khazaneh Bokhrai 1st Sq., Parastoui Ave., 5551-074
Khazaneh Children's Culture House
Khazaneh Neighborhood Culture House, 5551-074
Kusha Culture House
Naziabad, Hezar Dastgah, Kusha Ave., 5551-070
Zone 17
Cultural-Artistic Complex
Abuzar Sq., 5571-7978
Dr. Hessabi Library
Abuzar Park, 5573-1697

Salman Farsi Culture house
Qazvin Ave., Qale Morqi Ave., Yusefi St., No. 33, 5564-7961 & 5564-5389
Zone 18
Al Qadir Culture house
Yaft-abad Ave., Moalem Blvd., Shahrak Imam Khomeini, Mozaffari St., 6622-7776
Zone 19
Besat Cultural Complex
Bahman Sq., Tondgouyan Blvd., Boustan Behesht, Besat Park, 6503-3900
Afarinesh Fajr Gallery
Besat Cultural Complex, 5502-2500
Besat Library
Besat Cultural Complex, 5502-2500
Tahzib Culture house
Khaniabad-No, Mehran Ave., No. 9 St., 5582-5218
Talash Culture House
Khaniabad-No, Milad Blvd., Shahrdari Ave., 5500-8100
Miaad Culture House
Khaniabad-No, Miaad 25m Ave., No. 35 St., 5503-250
Zone 20
Dolat-abad Culture House
Dolat-abad 1st Sq., Ostad Dehkhoda Ave., Ramezani St., 3374-8287
Razi Culture House
Rey City,24m Ave., Samai St., 5597-903
Avini Culture House
Rey City, Helal Ahmar Ave., 5565-7374
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