Graphic Designer

Ebrahim Haqiqi


Born in 1949, Tehran, Iran
MA in Architecture, Faculty of Arts, Tehran University
1970 Director of several 8 mm films in "Tehran Open Cinema"
Collaboration in production of the film "The one who dreamed and the one who acted"
Beginning of cooperation with graphic arts department, Institute of Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults
Director of the following 35 mm documentaries: "Third Summer Festival", "Teacher of All Tribal Children" and "Social Works"
1971 Best award in photography, Ministry of Art and Culture Exhibition
Second Prize in "Tehran Open Cinema Festival" and "Sepas Festival" for "Cloudy Home"
Silver award for the First Young Film Makers Festival (ABU) for "Stranger"
Silver award in the 2nd Young Film Makers Festival (ABU) for "Cloudy Home"
Participation in "First Tehran Int'l Art Festival"
1975 Honorary Diploma in the "7th Tehran Open Cinema Festival"
Participation in "50 Years of Iranian Graphic Arts" Exhibition
Individual Graphic Arts Exhibition
1978 to 1986, participation in Borno Int'l Graphic Art Exhibition
1979 Participation in "First Asian Graphic Arts" Exhibition
Stage design and custom design for "Report on a Murder" and "Sultan and Shaban" films
Production design for 10 episodes of the animated TV series "Little Ali"
1979 to now, professor of Graphic Arts in Tehran University, Farabi University, University of Art, College of TV and Cinema and Azad University
Honorary Diploma for poster design category in "5th Fajr Film Festival" for "Tatoureh"; participation in this category up to 1991
Best Award in the feature film demo category in "6th Fajr Film Festival" for "Cold Roads"
Best Award for book cover artwork "Othello" in "First Iranian Graphic Arts Exhibition"
1988 Participation in "Poland Int'l Poster Show"
1989 Special diploma (best graphic designer) in "2nd Graphic Arts Exhibition"
Participation in "First Children Book Illustrators Exhibition", Tehran
"Batik Painting", individual exhibition, Tehran
Participation in "First Asian Children Book Illustrators" and member of the selection committee for that exhibition
1991 Nominated in "Chaummon Movie Poster Festival", France
Participation in "Iranian Movie Poster Exhibition", Vienna, Austria
Participation in "First Biennale Painting Exhibition" (Iran), Contemporary Art Museum
Participation in "Portrait in Contemporary Art Exhibition", Contemporary Art Museum
Individual exhibition of lino-cut engraving and lithography, Golestan Gallery, Tehran
Participation in "3rd Biennale Iran Graphic Arts Exhibition", Contemporary Art Museum
Individual graphic art exhibition, simultaneous with painting expo of "Bahram Dabiri, Babol, Iran
Individual Pastel Painting Exhibition, Golestan Gallery, Tehran
Individual Poster Show (1971-93), Aria Gallery, Tehran
1994 Group Pastel Painting Exhibition, Tehran Municipality Show in 20 districts of Tehran
Participation in "4th Biennale Iran Graphic Arts Exhibition, Contemporary Art Museum
1995 Selection of 25 Years Poster Design Exhibition, Saint Etien, France

In Commemoration of Hundred Years of Nima Yushij
50x70 cm (20x28 in)

Cover Design of Hygienic & Adornment Magazine



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