Graphic Designer & Painter


BS Business, Emphasis in Public Relations, May 1994, Utah State University
Men's fashion and Media graphic designer

Kennedy Library. Anywhereville, TX. May 1998-present
Responsibilities including Coordinating public relations for the library's adult literacy program, writing grant proposals and news releases, designing brochures, bulletin boards, and fundraising materials and supervising a staff of 5 people.
DesignX Construction. Anywhereville, TX. April 1994-May 1998
Responsibilities including designing logos and advertising material, writing proposals in attempt to persuade others that DesignX had the means and the creativity desired, developed oral communications skills by giving presentations on DesignX's ideas.

Written and oral communication; Computer skills (presentation programs, QuattroPro, Word, WordPerfect, spreadsheet programs)

My name is "Shuaib", 23 years old working with European Fashion company in Dubai. 
I am citizen of Bangalore (India); my city Bangalore called gateway of India for computer technology and Garden city of India too.
In 1996, I joined in Newspaper group as a front page composer in night shift when I am just 16. 
I have over 9 years of working experience in media graphic field, I have a very good knowledge of composing and designing with Arabic, English, Persian and Urdu Languages also I have a good experience in apparel designing. 
In my spare time, I like to fly fish, cross country ski, and play the guitar.

Favorite color: Black and White
Favorite city: Bangalore
I love my country India 
I like action, motion graphic and comedy movies. 
Favorite Hero: Bruce Lee 
Favorite movie: Enter the Dragon and MATRIX
I like Music and songs of Nusrat Fathe Ali Khan.
I love 3D graphics and Cartoon animations.




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