Totems: Native American People


Men always has investigated for the source of creation. Philosophy was existed to response to this question, when the science has no role. In all ancient civilizations, as China, India, Persia, Maya... nature was sacred for the people, as a response to their question.

The Native American people were very tune in nature in old times. What is easily see seen, as earth, water, air and animals inspired them first. Animals were their totems. They played important role in their life. Land animals were the protectors. Air and sky creatures embodied spiritually and wisdom. Water creatures were healers.
They fixed their ideas on stones. There are still stones inspired by the Northwest Coast Native people. These designs are drawn by hand on stones.

frog, turtle, snake (water creatures)
eagle, seagull, loon (sky creatures)
bear, deer, wolf (land creatures)
Alligator Power of survive
Antelope Action
Bear Power, mother nature's pharmacist
Bear Claw Strength
Beaver Builder
Bee Organization
Butterfly Metamorphosis
Buffalo Sacredness, abundance
Caribou Self-esteem
Celtic-knot No beginning, no end
Cougar Leadership
Coyote Prankster
Crane Alone, independence
Crow Law
Curled Lizard Safety
Deer Love, gentleness
Dragonfly Agility
Dolphin Manna life force
Eagle Divine spirit
Elk Stamina
Fawn gentleness
Feather Four Directions
Four Directions Foundation of Love
Four Directional Bear Directional power
Fox Adaptability
Frog Cleanser
Goat Scavenger
Goose Homing instinct
Heart line Bear In retrospect
Hedgehog Innocence
Horse Power
Hummingbird Messenger
Kokopelli Fertility, music
Lizard Conversation
Loon Solitude, singing
Moose Survival, headstrong
Mouse Scrutiny, observation
Otter Laughter
Owl Seeing through, deception
Porcupine Innocence
Quail Sacred spiral
Rabbit Alertness, nurturing
Raven Trickster
Salmon Homing instinct
Sandpiper Mysterious
Seagull Grace, adaptibility
Seal Provider
Skull Sacredness
Snail Steady
Snake Transmutation
Spider Creative pattern
Squirrel Trust
Swan Grace
Thunderbird Spirituality
Together Love
Turtle Protection, self-contained
Whale Wisdom, provider
Wolf Loyalty, perseverance
Wolf paw Prowler
Yin Yang Male-female principle
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