Colm Toibin
Born in 1955
Dublin University 1972; BA in History & English Language 1975
- Homage of Barcelona 1990
- The South (novel) 1990
- the Heather Blazing (novel) 1992
- The Story of the Night (novel) 1996
- The Black Water Lightship (novel) 1999
- Lady Gregory's Toothbrush 2002
- Beauty in a Broken Place (drama)

Michael Collins
His book "Keepers of the Truth" won the Irish Book of the Year Award in 2000 and was short listed for the Booker Prize.

Nuala O'Faolain
"Are You Somebody?" was her highly acclaimed memoir. It was followed by wonderful first novel "My Dream of You". Both books are destined to become classics.

Samuel Barclay Beckett
Born in April 13, 1906 in Cooldrinagh at Foxrock, Dublin
Diploma in the French & Italian Language & Literature, Trinity College, 1927
- 1936-36, Teaching in Trinity College & writing his first Novel "Dream of Fair to Middling Women", published in 1992
- 1934, collection of ten short stories "More Pricks than Kicks"
- 1935, Selected poems "Echo's Bones and Other Precipitates"
- 1936-39, learning Deutsch
- 1938, published the novel "Murphy"
- 1945-53, the Novel "Watt" published in 1953 in English, his first playwright "Eleutheria" published in 1995, the novel "Mercier et Camier" in French, "Molloy, Malone Dies, The Unnamable" trilogy in French, "Waiting for Godot" playwright published in 1952
- 1954-58, All that Fall", "Fin de Partie", "Krapp's Last Tape", "Cendres", "Words and Music", "Cascando" & "Happy Days" playwrights; he translated his works to English or French.
- Married in 1961 (Susan)
- 1964-69, He traveled to USA to make movie on his scenario "Film". A poetic text "Imagination Dead Imagine"; He won the Nobel prize in Literature, but he didn't go to Stockholm, his publisher went. ...
- Deceased in December 22, 1989

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