Bejan Baran
USA: Poet

Bejan Baran
Born in Tehran, holds a PhD in Electrical/Nuclear Engineering
Baran is a lyrical poet, whose work has been frequently published in the literary sites in Iran, North America, and Europe. His poetry is based on love imagery, full of memories of the bygone days in the motherland. His language is rich with alliteration, rhyme, and visual description. His poetry evokes all 5 senses. He has a special affinity for the environment. 

Bejan has traveled extensively in the 4 continents. For him, poetry is the capture of transient moments in eternal words. It is functional in three areas: teaching, pleasure, and history. Quoting Hafiz, poetry is a "recording in the World's chronicle." In describing a successful poet, Nima Yushij notes, "the new comers follow you from afar in waves." 

The Literary Articles, Road & River, The Eastern Divan, The Western Divan, The 4 Seasons

Fermi Age Theory

When we are born,
we know not where,
or when we will die.
How we wander around,
while we are slowing down
in a finite medium!
Our scattering seems isotropic;
and our average lethargy,
Independent of energy.
Valid is the Diffusion Theory.
In every collision, we gain
exactly an average lethargy.
As we grow older, we have traveled more-
the slowing down is zero a at a void;
and, continuous at an interface.

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