Classic Works of the World


We are going to post Classic Works of the World on Caroun.com, due to the Copyright Law.

Your help to improve this section of the website is highly appreciated. You can also provide the translation of the works to English. Your work will be posted under your name.

At present, some Persian works are going to be posted as follows; we're looking for other works of another countries.
Contemporary works could be posted at the "Research" section of the website too.


Attar Neishabouri: Bird Parliament

Baba Taher: Selected Poems

Obeid Zakani: Mice and Cat (English   Pictorial Persian Calligraphy)

Ferdowsi: Samples of Shah-nameh (Rostam and Akvan Div)

Hafiz: Charms That Charm Not; Feast of Spring; My Bird; More Poems

Hatef: Selected Poems

Khayam: Khayam Poems, More Poems (Quatrains)

Nima Yushij: Samples of his Poems

Nizami: Farhad, The SculptorThe Eye of Charity

Rumi: Selected Poems

Sadi Shirazi:
From Slavery to Slavery; Purgatory May be Paradise; Wrestler




Research: Classic Poems

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