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Weaving is considered to be one of civilized man's first accomplishments. For thousands of years skilled weavers have produced textiles that are among the most beautiful of mankind's artistic achievements. The princely courts of the East, as well as its tribal and nomadic peoples, are celebrated for their wonderful rugs and kilims, embroideries and brocades.

The Mongols of India, the Safavids of Persia and the Ottoman Turks owned magnificent carpets and textiles, while the Emperors of China and the Lords of Japan valued their sumptuous silk robes above all else. Great tapestries and subtle embroideries brought warmth and color to the halls of medieval Europe, while in the ancient civilizations of Egypt and the Andes the rich and powerful were buried with textiles of great beauty and sophistication.

HALI, meaning, carpet in Turkish, is a bi-monthly international magazine of exceptional style and design. For almost two decades HALI has analyzed, discussed and celebrated the world's carpet and textile art traditions with wit and verve. Long established as the foremost journal in the field, its authority is recognized the world over, Superbly printed on high quality art paper, each issue has over 180 pages, with more than 250 color images.

Whether you are a collector, dealer, student, scholar, artist or designer, a subscription to HALI offers a completing blend of superbly crafted, discursive and lavishly illustrated articles. Its news, events and auction reports, and its quality advertising, keep your abreast of the antique textile art market. A full set of back issues represents an encyclopedic reference resource that is second to none.

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