Through his toiling and living, man has ever taken advantage of all things available in his environment, subsequently transmitting his experiences to his descendants. Popular culture, which is outcome of multi-millenary flow of such experiences, embodies all those things, that have been achieved in the arena of existence along the contacts of man with his surrounding.

Among the fabrics of popular culture, medical science, for reason of need, has always occupied an important estimable position.

Curing mental disorders by means of specific rituals, musical performances, behaviors and customs in based on a precise knowledge of man's psyche and factors affecting it was in order.

Turkmen "Por Khan", "Baba & Mama Zar" on Southern shores (Gulf), tattooing in order to heal articular pains, which undoubtedly shares common origins with acupuncture and utilization of medicinal herbal concoctions, are but example of a science rooted in popular culture.

In some areas of Iran, including Kurdistan and Azerbaijan, long before, introduction of vaccination the people knew how to prevent small-pox epidemics by traditional means.

Likewise today people knew merits of mineral warm springs and indeed utilized those in medical treatment.

Traditional bone-binders adroitly reassemble pieces of broken jug inside a closed bag, considering this feat a more manipulator practice.

Treating sick children, healing wounds, blood-letting, cupping and the like constitute a trade, which beyond its practical uses, acquires rational expressivities, illustrating well-known saying:

"Cure the scorpion bitten with the dead scorpion."

فروش اینترنتی آثار هنری، صنایع دستی‌ و کتاب