History and development of every nation's literature, knowledge and art are truthfully and realistically reflected within the pages of its handwritten books.

Brief survey shows, that more than 1480 identified medical manuscripts, ranging from 11th to 19th century A.D., are currently preserved in various museums and cultural or scientific institutions in Iran and all over the world. These include some 500 title of books, translations and independent works, written by various physicians and reminder comprises duplicate copies.

Surveying titles and contents of these books, one realizes that Iranian Physicians have left us works in every medical field and dealt with all things related with man's interior and exterior, generally or specifically covering infectious and venereal diseases, gynecology and child-birth, embryology and pregnancy, infantile illnesses and child growth, senility and gerontology, ophthalmologic disorders, nervous and mental malfunctions, reproduction maladies, hygiene and health preservation, particular ailments, dermatology and hair care, digestion troubles, otorhinolaryngologic ailments, hair loss, pharmacology, surgery, dissection, veterinary science, ...

Besides writing specialized books, many physicians have also published bi-lingual lexicons and scores of literary medical works, entitled "Teb Manzoum" (Versified Medicine).

Most of these manuscripts deal with general hygiene and preventive care, ophthalmology, infectious and epidemic diseases, gynecology, anatomy and physiology, internal diseases, surgery, pharmacology and drug making, botany and zoology.

It seems Iranian doctors were also very keen upon hygiene and preventive care and considered it more important than treatment following sickness.

In terms of the number of extant copies, appears following books were of particular importance, as well as the most read:
1- Zakhireh Kharazmshahi : 88 copies
2- Ekhtiarat Badii, by Haj Zeinoddin Attar (1329-1404 A.D.), 64 copies
3- Hakim Momen's Tohfeh, 59 copies
4- Tashrihol Abdan Mansouri, 37 copies
5- Mozafar Shafai Qarabadin, 26 copies
6- Ajaebol Makhluqat, 21 copies

More information on some medical manuscript, which are in Iran Museums:
1- Zakhireh Kharazmshahi
2- Kamalol Tabir
3- Ajaebol Makhluqat
4- Ajaebol Makhluqat
5- Ajaebol Makhluqat
6- Hashayesh
7- Hakim Momen's Tohfeh
8- Tashrihol Abdan Mansouri
9- Tafzil Madreseh Darolfonoun

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