-Northern BC Paleontological Society: 725 Selwyn Crescent, Prince George, V2M 5H6
-Thompson-Nicola Paleontological Society: University College of Cariboo, P.O. Box 3010, Kamloops V2C 5H3
- Vancouver Paleontological Society: Centerpoint P.O. Box 19653, Vancouver, V8T 4E7
- Vancouver Island Paleontological Society: P.O. Box 3142, Courtenay, V9N 5N4
- Vancouver Island Paleontological Museum Society: 151 West Sunningdale, Qualicum Beach, V9K 1K7
- Victoria Paleontological Society: 1770 St. Ann Street, Victoria V8R 5V8
- BCPA Membership Society: P.O. Box 38, Lazo V0R 2K0


British Columbia Paleontological Alliance (BCPA) is a union of professional and amateur paleontologists working to advance the science of paleontology through fostering public awareness, scientific collecting and education.

BCPA works to improve communication among universities, museums, government agencies and individuals concerned with fossils throughout British Columbia, with emphasis placed on cooperation between amateurs and professionals in the field.

Fossils are the remnants of ancient life forms. The careful collection, study and documentation of fossils supply us with critical information about the world these organism inhabited, the way they lived and how they died. The fossil record is also the archival record of the evolution of life on our planet. This research is fundamental for understanding our place in the world, in which we live.

Fossils can be found in many places, along the banks of rivers, at the seashore, or in quarries, for example. Though common in some places, fossils are a non-renewable resource, and because they document the history of life on our Planet, they are par of our communal heritage.

BCPA seeks to raise awareness about fossils and the factors that endanger this unique resource; such factors include over-collecting, unchecked commercial exploitation, and the destruction of sited due to development.

To promote responsible stewardship of fossil heritage, BCPA is working together with government agencies to develop consistent and appropriate provincial standards and policies for fossil collecting. Fossil collecting under these standards will provide valuable record of British Columbia's Paleontological resources.

To date, BCPA has participated in the development of numerous Land Resource Management Plans across British Columbia, and is considered the primary voice for paleontological heritage by all involved parties.

BCPA is a non-profit organization composed of representative from six regional societies and associated professional and educational organizations across the British Columbia Province. Individuals who are interested in fossils can become members of the societies.

Social Activities
Becoming a member of any of the societies is simple and does not require any previous paleontological knowledge.

The local societies offer a wide spectrum of educational programs. These range from monthly meetings, where scientists and amateurs alike present informative talks on paleontology, to workshops on fossil preparation and identification. Guided field trips to significant fossil localities are offered year-round by most societies.
Every two years, one of the societies host the British Columbia Paleontological Symposium, a large gathering of professionals and amateurs, who are interested in preserving and promoting Canadian fossil heritage. Formal and informal talks of British Columbia's paleontology are presented at symposium, as well as workshops on identifying fossils and field trips to local collecting sites.

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